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Ed Musmon’s career spans over two decades as an accomplished operational CFO. Ed holds a BS in Management, an MBA & a Certificate of Management Accountant (CMA) designation.

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Financial health check & team performance, Business strategies, Operational service processes, cost cutting strategies & Forecasting, Budgeting & cost modeling & project management & a lot More

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Results from working with an array of firms and industries including, but not limited to; engineering, consulting, clothing, aerospace, advisory and research.

Question: What is keeping me up at night?

This will differ depending on your specific situation.   If you answer yes to any of the following then you should continue on.

– Don’t know if your accounting or financial ops are accurate or working properly.

– Your business is growing, however, you are not generating the profit you want.

– Your business is profitable, but you don’t understand from where or why.

– You want to invest or grow strategically, but are not sure how.

There are more questions, but I think you get the idea!


My mission is to provide the highest level of outsourced/fractional CFO expertise and solutions to small and middle market companies and organizations by utilizing a value added, cost effective approach to financial management. I seek a relationship with clients that goes beyond one-off, transaction help to one of trusted advisory on a continuing basis that is cost effective over the longer term.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Hire the higher-level skills of a part-time CFO at an affordable and fair fee
  • Receive honest, unfiltered feedback and advice regarding your organization’s finances
  • Flexibility – either expand or limit the amount of time and financial commitment as needed


Motivated to preserve and propel the financial success of businesses, Ed Musmon has spent over 20 twenty years as a trusted advisor to those who may not have even known they needed a CFO. Under his leadership, businesses and business professionals who are unable to ‘know it all— and do it all,’ come to I Need a CFO and embrace his services.

Areas of expertise

Ed, and his network of associates, improve profitability and business intelligence in the following ways:

Financial Health Check, Boston Mass
Financial Health Check

Case & Resource Management, Boston Mass
Case & Resource Management

Planning & Cost Control, Boston Mass
Planning & Cost Control

Business Strategy, Boston Mass
Business Strategy

Financial Operations, Boston Mass
Financial Operations

Staff Development, Boston Mass
Staff Development

Control, Audit & Tax Coordination, Boston Mass
Control, Audit & Tax Coordination

Risk Management, Boston Mass
Risk Management

Rarely have I encountered a professional who has demonstrated the sensitivity, flexibility and quiet confidence which Ed exercised on a daily basis.

Ronald StoneWorkers Compensation Research Institute

Ed created order out of the chaos of our billing system, generated discipline in our financial planning, and helped us open two new offices and handle the complexities of a global marketplace. He did these tasks with good humor, a tolerance for ambiguity, and an eye on the important issues for our practice’s continued financial success.

Eric Mankin, Ph.d.Partner, Integral, Inc.

Ed is a “breath of fresh” air as our finance leader. He has instituted a number of changes that have/will improve our processes and performance. The consummate team player, Ed is approachable, innovative and hard-working.

William RizzoChief Operating Officer, Geocomp, Inc.

Ed was engaged as a consultant to assist me at Rave with a complex financial project. Ed did an excellent job resolving the matter and providing clear details for audit support. Due to his solid, efficient work, he was engaged for additional projects which he performed very diligently. Ed’s personable style and ability to build relationships across the organization was a real plus. Ed would be an asset to any client and I highly recommend him.

Brad Rosenblum, CPACFO | Technology | Life Sciences - July 9, 2018, Brad was a client of Ed’s

I have known Ed as a financial professional for the past 20 years. Over those years I have followed his career and from time to time he has sought my guidance. Ed has always searched for strategic insights to better leverage his depth of skills in management, accounting, finance, and systems. As I have come to know him, I have found him both professionally engaging and a skillful communicator in difficult situations. His wry sense of humor is an added an asset. After I retired from Geocomp Corporation as COO, I learned in 2014 of its search for a CFO. I was happy to introduce Ed and recommend him highly. While Ed’s subsequent tenure and mine did not directly overlap at Geocomp, I know his service was highly valued by my successor. I would gladly recommend Ed for all the services he offers.

Robb GooginsBoard Member at Sanborn Head & Associates - June 6, 2018, Robb was Ed’s mentor

If you are running a business without a CFO? If so, you are probably struggling to create meaningful financial metrics or worried that you are letting profits slip away in unseen places or frustrated that you can’t benchmark your organization versus competitors. I certainly was until I met Ed. He helped bring clarity to my financials and gave me some simple yet impactful ways to regain control and make informed decisions. Take control Call Ed

Eric WarnerSales Training, Keynotes, Sales Process, Leadership & Management Development, Business Development, Hiring Process - May 22, 2018, Eric was a client of Ed’s

Beyond simply being Decision Economics, Inc.’s “steady hand at the wheel” as CFO, Ed had a beneficial impact on each aspect of operations (beyond his core role) that he touched – every employee’s load was that much lighter for Ed’s involvement, most of all my own. During the 9 years I worked for, and with, Ed, his financial expertise, thorough yet approachable management style, leadership, and skill in balancing responsibilities and priorities within a “what’s right/best practices” framework, were very instructive and invaluable to my personal development, ultimately equipping me to assume his responsibilities upon his departure from DE. A better manager and coworker I’ve never known.

Rob ArsenaultVP, Treasurer and Secretary at Decision Economics, Inc. - March 28, 2017, Rob reported directly to Ed

It has been a pleasure and an honor to partner with Ed while working at Geocomp. I am the Director of Human Resources at Geocomp and Ed was the CFO. Ed is very collaborative and the first financial person I have work with who really seemed to understand the positive financial impact of employee development and engagement. Ed is willing to invest resources in developing our employees and promoting engagement. These investments are now paying off with an improved bottom line. Both Ed and I were members of the firm’s leadership team. When Ed presented financial data at our leadership meetings he did it with thought and insight. He worked tirelessly to understand the complex financial challenges of the organization. He was not afraid to share information that some of leaders found difficult to hear. Ed has always taken the initiative to play a strategic role in driving the firm’s financial success. He sees the big picture and is eager to develop strategies to improve the bottom line and overcome challenges. I highly recommend Ed for any CFO opportunity.

Andrew Witty, SPHRVice President of Human Resources at EBI Consulting - August 25, 2016, Ed worked with Andrew in the same group

Ed does an exceptional job at identifying issues and bringing thoughtful analytical tools to develop solutions to business needs. I have hired him on two separate occasions and each time he was truly able to make a significant contribution to our business.

Peter Banat Chief Financial Officer at Bay State Milling, Peter was a client Ed’s at both Mast and Kaz

I met Ed at an ACEC/MA meeting a couple of years ago, when he was first starting out his firm. When my firm started to grow, my partners and I hired Ed to serve as an outside CFO to help us with financial and growth planning. We found his services very professional and helpful. He was able to point out areas for future focus, and we have retained him for regular check-ins on our business health.

Felix Zemel Managing Principal at Municipal Code Consulting, LLC (Felix is a Client)

Ed is an excellent CFO. He is knowledgeable, great to work with and can learn and add value to an organization in a short period of time. I have enjoyed working with him and I have recommended him to my clients.

Rebecca Jungman, CPA, CCIFP Construction Finance and Technology Professional (Rebecca and Ed served Clients together)

Ed Musmon (I Need A CFO) came highly recommended and was recently the interim CFO at a client of mine where I am a fractional COO and strategy/management consultant. He flat out exceeded our expectations and performed brilliantly.

A unique talent, Ed demonstrates the capability to rapidly come up to speed in a complex environment and be contributory on day one, and everyday thereafter. He thoughtfully listens and absorbs the nuances of a client’s ecosystem and the culture into which he fully immerses himself to produce timely, accurate results using realistic assumptions presented in the most positive problem-solving way.

His pleasant collegial and congenial manner provides the perfect cover for a no-nonsense professional who gets things done while taking the team along with him. He has an intuitive understanding of what’s important and wastes no time in getting to the root of issues and dealing with them decisively. Ed not just deals with the tasks at hand, but also visualizes what’s coming and anticipates the needs of both leadership and the enterprise.

I highly recommend Ed Musmon (I Need A CFO) to anyone needing an intelligent financial executive bridge at a crucial time in their organization’s evolution. It was a pleasure to work with Ed and I genuinely look forward to collaborating with him in future client opportunities. Ed is the guy you want in the foxhole with you.

Per John Ostman Fractional Executive & Business Advisor at Ostman Business Strategy, LLC (Jonn and I worked together at Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc.)

Ed is a wonderful human being first of all, and a very knowledgeable, and seasoned CFO.
We had the pleasure of working with him and experienced his hands-on supervision and coaching.

Dr. Sam Alkhoury Founder and President, Simply Orthodontics, Inc. (Sam is a Client)

Ed was extremely helpful to RND Consultant’s Inc.! RND opened its doors in January 2018 as a Disadvantage Business Enterprise/Woman Business Enterprise (DBE/WBE) in Boston, MA. Ed provided financial advice and a strategy for setting up the business. His expertise was instrumental for making RND successful.

Janice Martin Bergeron President at RND Consultants, Inc. (Janice is a Client)

As Assistant Controller at Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc. (WED), I had the pleasure of working directly with Ed for several months. His extensive accounting expertise, as well as his reassuring, easy-going nature, not only made for a smooth transition for the interim DOF position, but it also made for a smooth year-end closing process. He was very quick to pick up on the nuances of our particular industry which was impressive.
Ed was instrumental in connecting us with one of his associates specializing in software that we required help with to navigate its intricacy’s in order to maximize its potential for our specific needs.
I, along with the entire Finance Department, would have liked to have Ed stay on, but WED was able to hire a full-time DOF. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for a CFO.

Sandra Crowell Assistant Controller at Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc. (Supervised Sandra at Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc.)

Ed serves as the finance chair and board member of a local non-profit with me. Ed’s breadth and depth of financial knowledge has been invaluable to our successful operation. Ed’s insight goes beyond finance and he provides wise counsel in all areas of our organization’s operation. Ed is a true professional and I’d highly recommend him for any finance work.

Neal Karasic SVP Product & Technology at SavingStar, Inc. (Neal and I serve together on a non-profit Board)

Ed was available just when we needed him most. He came up to speed with the unique attributes and idiosyncrasies of our business at a near supernatural rate and was providing critical assistance in a very short amount of time. I heard nothing but stellar feedback from the many staff who interacted with him, likely do to his strongly team-oriented, collaborative nature. I would wholeheartedly endorse Ed!

Seth WilkinsonCertified Ecological Restoration Practitioner and President of Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc.

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