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You’ve received the PPP Loan, what are you next business steps?

Congratulations on receiving your PPP Loan… Now, what should you do? I’d like to share a few Strategic/Financial Management ideas that I believe will help you to navigate through your financial challenges and move forward in this time of COVID-19.   In this article, you’ll find the necessary steps business owners should take immediately to plan […]

Breaking Bad (the TV Series) and the case for Internal Controls

A friend recently got me involved in watching Breaking Bad (the TV Series) which for those who haven’t seen it, it is a captivating TV series and a guilty pleasure.   I had managed to avoid watching it for years, but once I got started, it was not able to turn it off.   As I watched […]

Do you want to hear Good News or Bad News?

Okay, that is a trick question, but why is it a trick question?  Read on, and I will explain. We are all programmed to want to hear good news. I am no exception.  I love to hear positive feedback about something I did right or about a good result.  It feels good, and it reinforces how we see ourselves […]

Financial Management Consulting Launches

Financial Management Consulting launches its new service geared toward small companies that need CFO level help at the strategic and tactical levels.  This is a flexible service designed for when you need it in the amount you need. As a cost effective partner, I tap a robust network of professionals and service providers to bring […]